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Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI) is the commercialization arm of Cleveland Clinic. CCI turns the breakthrough inventions of Cleveland Clinic employees into patient-benefiting medical products. The creation of new business opportunities allows CCI to deliver Cleveland Clinic’s unique capabilities into the commercial market, while aiding in the economic growth of Northeast Ohio and beyond. CCI facilitates an inclusive entrepreneurial environment where invention is fostered as an activity in which all can participate - physicians, nurses, researchers, administrators, etc. CCI’s comprehensive approach includes sophisticated deal teams, domain experts, investment funds, executives-in-residence, allied investors, seed and technology validation funds, incubation, preclinical and prototype facilities - all poised to create companies and commercially deploy new medical technology.

Since 2000, 75 companies have been enabled by Cleveland Clinic technology and expertise; nearly three-quarters of these companies have received more than $910 million in equity investment to date. CCI has transacted over 500 licenses and has more than 2,700 patent applications - with 700 issued patents. These numbers speak to the commitment of medical advancement through innovation as evident by an ever increasing community of collaborators across nearly every aspect of Cleveland Clinic. CCI’s dedication to the successful commercialization of innovative solutions continues to receive international recognition.

In addition to innovative medical devices, therapeutics, and health IT, CCI delivers enterprise solutions to market. This includes robust services around opportunity evaluation, transaction support, business planning and development. CCI has also established the Global Healthcare Innovations Alliance, a coalition that includes some of the most renowned healthcare and research organizations in the U.S. as well as the world. The Alliance aims to combine efforts in research, clinical investigation, technology development and commercialization. This unprecedented approach will ensure that patients benefit from a diverse and collaborative culture of innovation.


Peter O'Neill,
Interim Executive Director

Peter O'Neill  |  Interim Executive Director

Pete O'Neill is the Interim Executive Director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations. Pete has 10+ years of experience at CCI. Prior to joining CCI, Pete held positions as Deputy Director of the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Commercialization Center, and product engineer at PCC Airfoils. He received his BS in aeronautical engineering from MIT.  


Contact Information:

Email: oneillp2@ccf.org
Phone: 216-445-0814

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