GCIC Incubator Program

In support of our mission to be an international leader in developing, incubating and commercializing cardiovascular technology, the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center Incubator is a unique component of our program to create commercialization successes. We have constructed a new incubator facility to house start-up companies developing innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and to contribute to Ohio's economic development.

Strategically located near the main campuses of Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals, the incubator offers 50,000 square feet of prime, state-of-the-art space. Clients enjoy customizable laboratory facilities for new product research and development activities, flexible office space and conference rooms and convenient proximity to world-leading clinicians and investigators.

Opened in May 2010, the GCIC Incubator is a non-profit biomedical incubator designed to support cardiovascular companies that are in the early stage of business development.

Designed and Built to Incubate Cardiovascular Companies

Unlike many incubator facilities that are renovated older spaces open to a wide variety of businesses, the GCIC Incubator was built from the ground up to provide the physical facilities and support that companies need to be successful in the early stages of development. And since most of the companies in the incubator are developing solutions to address cardiovascular healthcare needs, the focus on a common application area provides important opportunities to collaborate, share best practices and resources, and to enhance the probability of success.

Proximity to Leading Clinical and Academic Institutions

Located just a block or two away from the Cleveland Clinic's cardiovascular research and patient care centers, and less than a mile away from Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals, the GCIC Incubator provides the utmost in proximity to leading cardiologists and cardiovascular researchers with whom to consult and receive guidance on product development.

These institutions are world leaders in cardiovascular innovation and healthcare delivery providing exceptional insight into the needs and uses of products for cardiovascular care. Whether by walking a prototype over to a collaborating physician's office or conducting a scientific advisory board meeting in GCIC's spacious and well equipped conference rooms, developers can get immediate and frequent feedback on product design and use.

Everything You Need to Start-Up Your Business

An efficient working environment is conducive to business success. At GCIC, we made every effort to design the most productive work space for your particular requirements. Here is a partial list of the custom design options that are available:

  • Flexible lab space, equipped with mobile casework, fume hood, and easily accessible air and vacuum and for tailoring your workspace and workflow.
  • Each lab includes a private interior office that can accommodate one or two people.
  • Separate external offices and office suites to accommodate variable company staff size and functions.
  • Spacious conference rooms on each floor equipped with electronic media capabilities and teleconferencing.
  • Access to a larger conference room equipped with videoconferencing capability.
  • Business resource center that houses printers, copiers, fax machine, secure document shredding, client mailboxes, and computers.
  • The JH Combs Idea Lab, a "think tank" featuring a collaborative work space where as many as eight laptops can be connected to a media sharing work space to facilitate exchange of ideas, drawings, and project ideas on two flat panel screens.
  • Onsite IT management to provide customized solutions that are tailored to each client
  • Core lab services for clients that include DI water, sterilizers, ice machines, and glass wash capabilities on each floor.
  • Shipping, receiving and storage areas.
  • Receptionist staffing to greet customers, vendors or clients, and to help coordinate use of the facility.
  • Break areas on each floor equipped with refrigerators, microwaves and coffee machines.


For more information:

Please access www.gcic.org/incubator for more information on the program and to take a virtual tour. Or contact Kimberley Davenport, Incubator Program Manager at 216-445-5610 or kdavenport@ccf.org to learn about our flexible leasing options and services.

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