Facilities Overview

GCIC Incubator Program

In support of our mission to be an international leader in developing, incubating and commercializing cardiovascular technology, the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center Incubator is a unique component of our program to create commercialization successes. We have constructed a new incubator facility to house start-up companies developing innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and to contribute to Ohio's economic development.

Strategically located near the main campuses of Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals, the incubator offers 50,000 square feet of prime, state-of-the-art space. Clients enjoy customizable laboratory facilities for new product research and development activities, flexible office space and conference rooms and convenient proximity to world-leading clinicians and investigators.

Opened in May 2010, the GCIC Incubator is a non-profit biomedical incubator designed to support cardiovascular companies that are in the early stage of business development.

Pre-Clinical Facilities

Developed through the Atrial Fibrillation Innovation Center at the Cleveland Clinic, and now operated as a program by the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center, the GCIC preclinical research and development facilities provide state-of-the-art interventional and surgical resources for testing the next generation of devices and procedures. Featuring two large procedure suites each equipped with the latest in imaging, surgical, monitoring and recording equipment, along with conscious testing and telemetry capabilities for on-site extended follow-up, the facility is ideal for a wide range of cardiovascular applications. The two large procedure rooms are complemented by four additional surgical stations for conducting studies on large and small subjects. A surgical preparation room, a conference room, and videoconferencing capability for observing procedures remotely, provide convenience and flexibility.

Innovations Spotlight


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Alliance Partners

The Alliance network strives to realize new opportunities for innovation by gaining a 360-degree perspective on healthcare and its future.

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