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Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2016

Cleveland Clinic's culture of innovation naturally fosters a good deal of discussion about new "game changing" technologies and which ones will have the greatest impact each year. The passion of our clinicians and researchers for getting the best care for patients drives a continuous dialogue on what state-of-the art medical technologies are just over the horizon.


Cleveland Clinic names top medical innovations for 2016

A new system of producing vaccines to prevent deadly disease outbreaks was named the top medical innovation for 2016 Wednesday at Cleveland Clinic's annual Medical Innovation Summit. In the aftermath of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa – and deadly bacterial infection outbreaks in the United States – Cleveland Clinic doctors said stepped-up efforts to develop and distribute vaccines will make a huge difference in the coming year. "We've achieved a new level of sophistication in the area of vaccine development," said Dr. Steven Gordon, chair of the Department of Infectious Disease at Cleveland Clinic. "It was a global effort involving thousands of people, aided by information technology and instant communication."


Cleveland Clinic | Ten years of medical innovation


4 medical innovations that will revolutionize healthcare in 2016

Rapid development of epidemic-fighting vaccines, genomics-based clinical trials and a new gene-editing technique called CRISPR topped the Cleveland Clinic's annual list of the most promising medical innovations.


Cleveland Clinic unveils top ten medical innovations for 2016

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Clinic today unveiled its 10th annual listing of the 10 most powerful medical innovations of the coming year.


Cleveland Clinic announces top 10 list of breakthrough technologies for 2016

The votes are in.

Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit wrapped today with its annual list of top ten innovations that will be dominant in 2016. Out of 246 potential candidates, they were voted on and narrowed down to 10.


Cleveland Clinic: Top 10 Medical Innovations of the Past 10 Years

Each year, at the close of its annual Medical Innovations Summit, Cleveland Clinic predicts the Top 10 Medical Innovations for the coming year. With the annual list turning 10 years old this year, an advisory panel of Cleveland Clinic has compiled a “throwback” Top 10, a listing of the top medical innovations of the past 10 years. Taking a look back at the list reveals that many of the previous medical innovations become transformative. 


Twiage Selected As Finalists for Cleveland Clinic's 2015 New Ventures Healthcare Challenge


Twiage Selected as One of the Four Finalists at Cleveland Clinic's 2015 New Ventures Healthcare Challenge

Boston, MA, October 11, 2015 --( Cleveland Clinic Innovations has selected Twiage, a novel prehospital communication solution that enables hospital emergency departments to triage incoming ambulances, as one of the four finalists of the prestigious 2015 New Ventures Healthcare Challenge.


Noninvasix Inc. Among Finalists in Cleveland Clinic Innovations' 2015 New Ventures Healthcare Challenge

Houston, TX, October 08, 2015 --( Searching the globe for the next early-stage healthcare technology poised to disrupt the market, Cleveland Clinic Innovations named Noninvasix Inc., developers of a first-in-class fetal wellness monitor, as a finalist in its 2015 New Ventures Healthcare Challenge.

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