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Threat Assessment and Wearables Lead 2016 Healthcare Innovations

As the use of mobile health (or mHealth) expands, threat assessment capabilities have become more critical than ever, and these two trends have dominated the healthcare innovation conversation for some time now. This year promises new applications that surpass traditional use and begin to incorporate elemental technologies into more proactive security initiatives and deeper clinical applications.


MedHack will be in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit this fall

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon will return to downtown Cleveland in October with new features and a new connection.


Cleveland Medical Hackathon to return this fall

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon will be held this fall in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit.


RelateCare LLC to open office in Global Center for Health Innovation

RelateCare LLC, an Irish-American company that helps hospitals engage with their patients, is opening an office in the Global Center for Health Innovation.


Home Health a Top Target by Corporate Venture Capital

Home health is a top target by corporate venture capitals (CVCs) making big investments in digital health, according to a recent survey.


eHealth Ventures with Cleveland Clinic score digital health incubator grant in Israel

Digital health venture fund eHealth Ventures, in partnership with Cleveland Clinic Innovations and Israeli HMO Maccabi Healthcare, will set up a digital health incubator in Modi’in Illit  in Israel after winning a tender from the Office of the Chief Scientist.  Stephen Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of eHealth Ventures, shared the news in a discussion about the healthcare investment landscape in Israel at MedCity INVEST this week.


Infuseon Therapeutics, Inc. CMO Discusses Delivery of Therapeutics Directly to the Brain at NeuroTech Investing and Partnering Conference

Cleveland, Ohio- Infuseon Therapeutics, Inc., the company that enables therapeutic delivery to the brain, announces that Dr. Michael A. Vogelbaum, Chief Medical Officer and co-inventor of the Cleveland Multiport Catheter system, will be speaking at the NeuroTech Investing and Partnering Conference taking place in Boston on Thursday, April 7.

Dr. Vogelbaum, a brain surgeon at Cleveland Clinic, will be part of the “Therapeutic and Gene Delivery in Neuroscience” panel discussion. The panel will be focused on next generation strategies for bypassing the blood brain barrier, including devices, carrier and nanovesicle technologies. Case studies in glioblastoma, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other areas will highlight the potential for new classes of treatments to be developed.

“The unmet need and true therapeutic target in glioblastoma is the infiltrating tumor that extends beyond the enhancing tumor,” said Vogelbaum, the associate director of the Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center at Cleveland Clinic.

“The Cleveland Multiport Catheter is designed specifically to deliver therapeutics to regions of brain, not just a small, localized target, thus addressing the problem of accessing infiltrating tumor or other regional targets in the brain. Our first-in-human clinical trial uses a co-delivered contrast agent which has allowed us to objectively validate the delivery to a volume of brain,” said Vogelbaum.

“We are pleased to be advancing the delivery of therapeutics that would otherwise be prevented from reaching their targets in the brain by the blood brain barrier,” he added.


Infuseon Therapeutics Inc. enables therapeutic delivery to the brain via the patented Cleveland Multiport Catheter (CMC) system. The company mission is to accurately deliver therapeutics to the brain that otherwise would be prevented from reaching their target by the Blood Brain Barrier. Infuseon Therapeutics, Inc. was founded in 2012 as a spinout company from Cleveland Clinic. For more information about Infuseon Therapeutics, Inc., please visit

Note: The Cleveland Multiport Catheter is an investigational device and can be used only in the setting of an FDA-approved clinical trial. 

Contact: Arun Ranchod,, 724.651.0285


Cleveland Clinic to make larger tech investments


Cleveland Clinic to make larger tech investments

There’s now an enormous hole in the “soft ceiling” that prevented Cleveland Clinic Innovations from making big investments.


Why Cleveland Clinic Believes It Can (at Least) Triple a $1.5 Million Investment in This Startup

Cleveland Clinic, the renowned hospital and medical research center established in 1921, is entering the venture capital business, in a manner of speaking.  
To be sure, Cleveland Clinic is a nonprofit organization. But it's a well-heeled one, with more than $12 billion in assets, according to its most recent financials. What's more, the organization has always been savvy about the intellectual property and innovation potential residing under its roof. Since 2000, when it launched its Cleveland Clinic Innovations division, CCI has secured more than 660 patents and spun off 76 companies. 

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