Innovation Base Camp

A Huddle for Innovators before they take on the Summit.

Forward-thinking organizations understand the value of innovative employees. However, developing cutting-edge innovation and design-thinking skills can be challenging.

At Cleveland Clinic, we believe the lessons learned developing an innovation group in modern healthcare can translate to our medical colleagues as well as the broader landscape. That is why we would like you to join us at Innovation Base Camp and share experiences and insights that will enhance our collective ability to drive innovation.

Innovation Base Camp is an intensive half-day dialog and discussion of best practices from innovators, entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, decision makers, investors, healthcare providers and our distinguished panelists.

As a collaborator at Innovation Base Camp, you will be prepared to transition into the 12th Annual Medical Innovation Summit with an enhanced understanding of the guiding principles of innovation and new relationships.

Innovation Base Camp Objectives:

  • To prepare future innovators to be breakthrough thinkers and doers.
  • To inspire a vibrant culture of innovation within your organization.
  • To foster the openness to pursue radical collaboration. 
  • To instill the confidence to tackle big projects using new solutions
Innovation Base Camp "Equipment":
  • Develop a deep understanding of the opportunities that exist within innovation
  • Reduce risk and accelerate learning
  • Create a drive towards innovation, not just incremental growth
  • Empower your employees to be innovative, and give them the tools needed to be successful
  • Build connections that can lead to unique collaboration opportunities
Who Should Attend Innovation Base Camp?

Innovation Base Camp will be attended by innovative individuals, industry leaders, investors and innovative disruptive thought leaders who want to revolutionize their culture. This program is relevant for enterprises and institutions already in healthcare delivery as well as those who strive to bring new ideas into the marketplace.

Stakeholders will include all thought leaders alike including, chief innovation officers, business development executives, healthcare providers and executives, tech transfer professionals, intellectual property experts and marketing and sales, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investment banking professionals

Confirmed Speakers:
  • Jack Andraka, Inventor, Scientist, Cancer Researcher
  • Jeff Arnold, Chairman & CEO, Sharecare
  • Marsha Barwick, Director of Applied Sciences, Marshfield Clinic
  • Peter Buca, VP, Technology & Innovation, Parker Hannifin
  • Todd Clyde, EVP, Global Field Operations, Mindjet
  • Breanna DiGiammarino, Head of Cause, Indiegogo
  • Gary Fingerhut, Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic Innovations
  • Thomas Graham, MD, Chief Innovation Officer and Justice Family Chair in Medical Innovations; Vice Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic
  • John Nottingham, Co-President, Nottingham Spirk
  • Denys Resnick, EVP, Strategic Programs, NineSigma, Inc.
  • Mark Smith, MD, Director, MedStar Institute for Innovation
  • Larry Stofko, EVP, The Innovation Institute
  • Risto Pribisich, Partner, Innovations, Information Technology and Intellectual Property (3iP), Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP
  • Robert Smith, Economic Development Reporter, The Plain Dealer
  • Halle Tecco, Founder, Rock Health
  • Kevin Vigilante, MD, SVP, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Nicholas J. Webb, CEO, Lassen Innovation
  • Samuel Wertheimer, Managing Director, Poliwogg
  • Richard Wesorick, Partner, Tarolli, Sundheim, Covell & Tummino LLP
  • Derek Young, Founder & CEO, i360medical Ltd

Update: Cancellations will not be accepted after September 30

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