Controlled Substance Disposal System


Joseph W. Morgan, MD
Scott R. Schell, MD, MBA, PhD


What is it? What does it do?

A low-cost disposal technology which can be incorporated into existing containers and reduces clinician time spent on disposal without changing workflow for hospital waste management personnel.  Offers one container for ALL pharmaceuticals—solids and liquids (except chemotherapy)—and complies with upcoming DEA, EPA regulations.

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Why is it better?

  • Minimizes drug diversion risk
  • Keeps controlled substances out of drains (water supply)
  • Simplifies drug disposal workflow
  • Renders the medications practically non-recoverable
  • Minimizes splashing/leak of substance
  • Requires no power or other technology support
  • Allows existing medical waste disposal staff to transport and discard controlled medications

What is its current status?

Prototypes have been created and tested.

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