In-vitro Platform for Drug Identification, Selection and Prioritization Toward Preclinical and Clinical Development


Frederic Reu, MD


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Jason Ospina, PhD

What is it? What does it do?

Despite progress, multiple myeloma remains largely incurable, recruiting relapses from genetically heterogeneous multiple myeloma subclones. Cytopenias and refractory multiple myeloma limit therapeutic options and lifespan creating need for bone marrow sparing approaches effective against genetically highly variable myeloma cell populations.

Dr. Frederic Reu has developed an in-vitro platform that will 1) enable alignment between therapeutic intervention and an individual’s specific tumor, and 2) facilitate improved lead drug identification, selection and prioritization for preclinical and clinical development. Our platform achieves these objectives by recapitulating major barriers to in vivo success of anticancer drug candidates, namely liver metabolism, protection by the cancer niche, kidney clearance, and toxicity to normal bone marrow. The capability of this platform that is nearest to market entry is efficacy in guiding optimal drug selection depending on a patient’s specific malignancy.

Why is it better?

  • Our in vitro platform models the complex cancer niche and incorporates basic human pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics
  • Our platform can accurately predict a drug’s anti-cancer activity

What is its current status?

Proof of efficacy in an animal model of multiple myeloma has been established. Testing included screening a compound library for potential small molecules, demonstration of activity of hits in a panel of genetically heterogeneous myeloma cell lines, and documentation of tolerance by normal bone marrow.

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