CCI Celebrates National Inventors' Month

CCI Celebrates National Inventors

Innovative technology is everywhere around you - from the zipper on your backpack to the powerful computer that resides in your pocket in the form of a smartphone. These everyday objects didn't just pop up overnight, and sometimes they are easy to take for granted. But these technologies are the results of sleepless nights and endless hours of hard work and perseverance of inventors. Inventors who toil over the design, building, testing and perfecting are also responsible for creating life-saving devices, drugs, and procedures.

Each May, we take the time to celebrate National Inventors’ Month and all of the Caregivers who take the time to innovate. Cleveland Clinic Innovations is proud to work with each and every inventor that pours their time and energy into creating technologies to better take care of our patients. The process isn't always quick and easy. In fact, sometimes it might feel like the finish line is nowhere in sight. But we are grateful for the trust you place in us to help incubate your idea from bench all the way to the bedside.

We congratulate all of our inventors for every IDF submitted and commercial success realized, but we also encourage you to keep sketching on the whiteboards, or the back of that cocktail napkin. It takes an ecosystem full of Caregivers, like those here at Cleveland Clinic, to help make change and improve patients' lives. So for that, we thank you.

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