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Cleveland Clinic's Toby Cosgrove, Medicaid administrator talk about lowering the cost of healthcare at Medical Innovation Summit

Across the country, hospitals are struggling to do more with less. Rising costs for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies are making healthcare more expensive and leaving healthcare providers searching for ways to care for patients without going into the red.


A Second Wind: An Opera Singer Hits the High Notes After Two Double-Lung Transplants

The Cleveland Clinic is holding its annual Medical Innovation Summit this week. One speaker who took the stage is soprano Charity Tillemann-Dick. She received two double-lung transplants at the Clinic and has gone on to perform across the United States, Europe and Asia.


Future of medicine on display at Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit (photos)

Augmented reality goggles that allow surgeons to see a 3-D image of their patient's organs will soon be used. And, physicians will use a medical device similar to a GPS to navigate surgical tools through a patient's circulatory system.


Case Students Win Third Annual Cleveland Medical Hack-a-Thon

Devices that break down barriers were among the winning entries at this past weekend’s third annual Cleveland Medical Hack-a-thon.


Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit to focus on genomics, precision medicine

Genomics and precision medicine will be the focus of Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit, taking place Monday through Wednesday, at the Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland. Green is a featured speaker at the summit.


Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit to tackle precision medicine

Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit, slated for Oct. 23 to Oct. 25 in downtown Cleveland, will focus on advancements in genomics and precision medicine.


Cleveland Medical Hackathon to seek solutions to health-care challenges

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon is Oct. 21-22 at the Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland. Think of it as a prelude to the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit, which begins Oct. 23 and runs through Oct. 25 at the same location.


Putting precision care on the spot

This potentially transformative discipline is the subject of the Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit, to be held Oct. 23-25 downtown. The summit is set to gather more than 2,000 health care and business leaders, among them Dr. Charis Eng, founder of the Clinic's Genomic Medicine Institute (GMI). Eng is a firm believer in the promise of genomics and precision medicine, having identified four of 10 genes known to be associated with breast cancer and another six connected to Cowden syndrome, a disorder that carries high risk of breast, thyroid and other cancers.


Cleveland Clinic's annual Medical Innovation Summit sets October dates

Gene therapy, artificial intelligence and customized implants are among the topics that will be discussed at the annual Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit, coming this fall to downtown Cleveland.


Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit to highlight genomics, precision medicine

The Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit scheduled for Oct. 23 to Oct. 25 will showcase how genomics and precision medicine can transform patient care.

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