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Vice President Joe Biden to Discuss Cancer Moonshot at Cleveland Clinic's 2016 Medical Innovation Summit

Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, Cleveland: Vice President Joe Biden has been added to the agenda of Cleveland Clinic's 2016 Medical Innovation Summit to discuss how the United States plans to end cancer as we know it, Monday, Oct. 24, 10 a.m. at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.


Cleveland Medical Hackathon announces themes for fall event

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon has announced its four themes for this year's event: access redesign, care redesign, payment redesign and transformations in public health.The second annual Cleveland Medical Hackathon, scheduled for Oct. 22-23 at the Global Center for Health Innovation, is partnering with the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit and aligning the themes for each event.


A Look at IBM’s Watson 5 Years After Its Breathtaking Jeopardy Debut

The year was 2012, and IBM’s AI software Watson was in the midst of its heyday.Watson beat two of Jeopardy’s all-time champions a year earlier in 2011, and the world was stunned. It was the first widespread and successful demonstration of a natural language processing computer of its class. Combined with the popularity of Jeopardy, Watson became an immediate mainstream icon. Later in 2012, IBM announced one of the first major practical partnerships for Watson—a Cleveland Clinic collaboration to bring the system into medical training.


World Capital of Healthcare Gets New Wave of Innovators

Northeast Ohio has enjoyed some good news lately. The Cavs brought Cleveland our first championship in 52 years, and July’s political convention brought thousands of people to the city to stay in our beautiful new hotels, eat at our world-renowned restaurants, and explore our brand new public spaces. While some of the crowds have dispersed, Cleveland’s swagger remains, and the economic engine is still churning.  That’s why the real good news out of our city has been the growth of a substantial biomedical industry around Cleveland Clinic and nearby medical and educational institutions.


Experts: The Six Things Technology Can Fix in the Patient Experience

Technology can be overwhelming for both consumers and companies. Just a quick browse through the app store will bring up thousands of apps that promise to save you time, money, energy, and brainpower. No one is about to download all of them, and frankly very few of those apps end up executing on what they are selling. Hospitals deal with the same problem. There are technologies being pitched every day to physicians, administrators and CIOs that it becomes difficult for hospitals to know if they are making the right choice, whether they will ever see the promised results, or even worse, if the new technology will actually cause more problems.


MedHack will be in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit this fall

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon will return to downtown Cleveland in October with new features and a new connection. The second-annual hackathon will be hosted in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovation Summit, the healthcare industry's innovation conference, on Oct. 22 and 23.


When Medical Innovation Becomes Transformation: Look Out

Historians define eras. The people living through them are usually oblivious to the significance of their times. Denizens of the Renaissance didn’t know they were bridging Medieval times and the Early Modern Age. They simply lived their lives and enjoyed the growing interest in arts, science and philosophy. In healthcare, by contrast, we of the 21st century are fully conscious that we are entering a new historical epoch. For some, its liberating to see our industry moving forward – propelled by government, technology, and consumerism. But the pace of change has speeded up. What began as a modest trot has turned into a mad dash without a clear finish line.

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