6 amazing medical advancements to expect in 2018

Alex Raths | Getty Images
Things move fast in the world of modern medicine, but if expert predictions about what to expect in 2018 prove true, they might move at a quicker speed than anyone anticipated.

It could also see technology companies start to become as important a player in the health-care world as pharmaceutical companies. Breakthroughs in everything from patient monitoring to sleep apnea are coming from Silicon Valley and could dramatically shift the current paradigm.

The Cleveland Clinic, for the past 10 years, has put together an annual list of expected medical innovations for the coming year. In that time, says Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Michael Roizen, who leads the initiative, the group has truly missed only one prediction. While the group has occasionally been a bit premature in some of its estimates, he says, the predictions have ultimately come true.

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