SDG, Inc.

SDG, Inc. is a leading developer of cell targeting and oral formulation nanotechnology systems for active ingredients ranging from proteins and peptides to small molecules and consumer product actives. SDG’s most advanced clinical-stage technology is called Hepatocyte Directed Vesicle Insulin (HDV), a novel liver hepatocyte targeting system that is approved for Phase 3 testing by the US FDA and that is being developed by Diasome Pharmaceuticals, Inc. As a nanotechnology that can be added directly to commercial insulin therapies, HDV represents an entirely new class of pharmaceutical technology. This system also led to the development of the first oral insulin technology approved for Phase 3 testing by the FDA, and SDG’s oral protein delivery platform can be used with a wide variety of large molecules that are currently available only by injection. SDG’s platform for enhancing consumer product actives has been utilized by many leading US and international consumer product companies, including DEP Corporation, Redmond Products, and Matrix Essentials. For more information, please email Bob Geho at


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