TheraVasc Inc.

Founded in 2009, TheraVasc Inc. is a privately held Cleveland, OH corporation (Delaware registered), which is developing an oral formulation of sodium nitrite, TV1001, targeting patient populations with poor blood flow to the extremities, such as patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD), diabetes or peripheral neuropathy. TheraVasc has recently completed a double blind, placebo controlled, Phase IIa clinical trial, which demonstrated the safety of chronic oral administration of its product, evidence of bioactivity and an indication of clinical benefit to patients with PAD, with patients receiving TV1001 reporting a statistically significant reduction in pain. In a collaborative study at the University of Colorado, TV1001 was also shown to be beneficial to otherwise healthy aged individuals, improving vascular function, balance, grip strength and even cognition. Additionally, in a separate trial conducted at the NIH with a topical formulation of sodium nitrite, sickle cell patients with foot ulcers also reported a reduction in pain. Based on these results, TheraVasc is undertaking a study to assess the effects of its second generation oral formulation, TV1001sr, on patients with peripheral neuropathy.


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