Xact Medical

A critical unmet need for fast, reliable central vascular access (CVA) has led to a paradigm shift in medical robotics. FIND is s hand-held robotic ultrasound transducer that automates ultrasound guided needle placement, enabling every clinician to perform precision needle placement like an expert. Spun out from Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center and Ben Gurion University, Xact Medical is initially focused on pediatric CVA, with additional applications (e.g. adult CVA, anesthesiology, biopsy) to follow, creating a $2B+ global addressable market. FIND delivers speed, simplicity, and reliable precision (even for low-skilled clinicians) for procedures involving precise needle placement, reducing complications and costs while improving outcomes and predictability. With participation and support from Cincinnati Children’s, the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium (Boston Children’s, Harvard, FDA), and the GCIC (Cleveland Clinic, NIH), Xact is well-positioned to bring FIND to market as the leading edge of the coming point of care robotics wave.


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