NanoDCB: Nanotechnology Makes Its Play

NanoDCB: Nanotechnology Makes Its Play

Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale to create materials with remarkably varied and new properties, holds many crucial medical and medical device applications. Its ability to deliver drugs in a targeted, sustained manner has made the field a topic of exploration for biomedical engineers like Vinod Labhasetwar, PhD. In his lab, nanotechnology drug delivery was put to work addressing the long-time struggles encountered with drug-eluting or drug-coated balloons. Upon market analysis and product iteration with the help of Cleveland Clinic Innovations and Marwan Berrada-Sounni, Co-Founder & CEO, Advanced NanoTherapies, Dr. Labhasetwar’s product, dubbed NanoDCB, began to take shape. 

The NanoDCB technology is a drug-coated balloon, whose therapeutic agent is delivered via nanoparticle technology. The product’s nanoparticle delivery system remedies several issues seen with market-available balloons and their ability to achieve localized drug delivery to vessel walls – namely rapid washout, coating fall off, and limited flexibility in the treatment plan. With its unique grouping technique to load particles onto the balloon, NanoDCB is able to limit the washout effect through more controlled delivery and the drug’s ability to cross barriers. The coating is also highly flexible, eliminating the frequent case of pre-procedure coating fall off. The nanoparticles’ ability to encapsulate different kinds, and different doses, of drugs with ease allows for increased treatment options not seen with today’s gold standard.

In a year, the NanoDCB project made great progress – licensed from Cleveland Clinic in September 2019 and brought under Advanced NanoTherapies, Inc. Upon sustained interest from an investor, Berrada-Sounni and Dr. Labhasetwar have recruited a stellar management team and successfully raised $3.4M in a Series A funding round in January 2020. Technical progress was made alongside the venture development as the coated device continued to move through the phases of formation and validation. 

In 2020, Dr. Labhasetwar and the team intend to grow the company in Cleveland in the GCIC Incubator building and gear up for their next round of financing by the end of 2020. With an ultimate vision to build the manufacturing and R&D infrastructure necessary to translate the technology to a successful, regulated product, Advanced NanoTherapies’ NanoDCB is making great headway in the field of medical nanotechnology. 

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