Caring for Every Life Through Innovation

Caring for Every Life Through Innovation

Cleveland Clinic’s 2019 Medical Innovation Summit was one for the books. A revered tradition with a 17-year history, the Summit brought together clinicians, industry, investors, payors, and policy experts to connect with the methods to impact real change, strategize to streamline care, discover emerging companies with actionable ideas to move healthcare forward, and ignite an internal drive to improve operational, technological, and patient outcomes in these changing times. The Summit tackled AI and its integration into provider systems and pharma research, as well as the movements of non-traditional participants and personalization in healthcare. Economic models needed to make care delivery more efficient and effective were also an essential part of the conversation. With 28 hours of content over the course of three days, #MIS2019 left its mark on the healthcare conference landscape.

Speaker Feedback

Our 2019 speaker lineup had a wealth of positive things to say. A general sense of camaraderie and gratitude was expressed by several in the days following the Summit. This demonstration of value for the conversations held at MIS2019 validates the timeliness and importance of our featured topics. 

- “I really enjoyed working with each of you – seems like lots of synergies we might wish to follow up on. Thank you for allowing me to participate.” 
Jim Weinstein, Microsoft
- “The privilege was all mine! Frankly I learned a lot from everyone on the panel and could not have imagined we were going to catalyze meaningful dialog like that. Fantastic panel.” 
Steve McHale, 23Bell Ventures
- “I can only echo the sentiments.  Great to meet everyone and hope that we delve deeper into collaboration opportunities between the Co.’s.” 
Mike McSherry, Xealth

Interactions between panelists hint at conversations that extend beyond the stage. These healthcare visionaries are not just turning it on for the audience. Rather, they are holding pre- and post-panel discussions focused around their topic, their efforts in the space, and how they can leverage one another to expedite outcomes. From this, we emphasize that connecting and strategizing are relevant for all types of MIS attendees. 

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