Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Innovation at Cleveland Clinic is not only one of our six core values, but an incredible opportunity to drive meaningful change and impact patient lives through strategic internal, external, and co-developed solutions. Working together as a collective unit, Innovations, Ventures, and Partnerships fulfill Cleveland Clinic’s responsibility to educate, engage, and enact movement to deliver influential, effective solutions to the market with speed and care.

Our passion for the delivery of superior healthcare can be seen in the continual development of the projects detailed within. In this recap of 2019, we’ve highlighted our first venture into the partnership space for the expansion of virtual health services. We’ve profiled those caregivers whose work is on its path to commercialization, easing airway intubation, diagnosing bladder dysfunction, and distributing drugs through nanotechnology. We’ve celebrated those who have met success with their solution, distributing awards for externally licensed and internally growing communication programs, technologies easing difficult diagnoses, and therapies for opioid-free pain management. And we’ve announced the progress made among burgeoning companies with ideas to move healthcare forward in revolutionary ways – clearer surgical navigation, quicker autism diagnosis, increased cardiac output for heart failure patients, treatment of brain neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease, and the development of biomarkers for the early detection of cancer. 

In the three-pronged approach listed above, Innovation at Cleveland Clinic channels the creative forces of our caregivers and extended network to make progress toward life-changing healthcare solutions. Rich with ideas, business plans, and a collective desire to do more for patients around the world, we’re able to move swiftly from bench to bedside to improve the lives of both healthcare consumers and providers. And we will continue to do so through a combination of existing strengths and continuous improvement. Read on for innovation in 2019, priming the future of healthcare in 2020.


William H. Morris, MD Akhil Saklecha, MD
Executive Medical Director
Cleveland Clinic Innovations
Managing Director
Cleveland Clinic Ventures

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