About Cleveland Clinic Innovations

Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI), the commercialization arm of Cleveland Clinic, turns medical breakthrough inventions of our caregivers into patient-benefiting medical products and companies. Cleveland Clinic inventions are born out of a renowned innovative culture in which critical mass is deployed to continually advance patient care. CCI uses a unique approach to assess, protect, build, test and market the most promising ideas of our 66,000+ caregivers.

A Better Approach

Since its founding in 2000, CCI has aimed to transform the way technology is transferred from an academic institution to market.

Our robust team of market analysts, subject matter experts and former medical industry leaders is deployed via our INVENT® process to ensure the most promising inventions are positioned to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. Expertise from across Cleveland Clinic and our external network is solicited to offer strategic advice for select inventions. If a technology is deemed to merit a new venture, an independent team of investment and operational professionals will facilitate spin-off company formation, fundraising and governance.

A Bigger Network

CCI continually invests in growing its external network to not only add value to our growing portfolio, but also to the entire community of medical innovation.

Through our Innovation Centers, we partner with other systems and agencies to fund and facilitate development and commercialization activities of early stage companies from all over the world. CCI also hosts the Medical Innovation Summit each year to bring nearly 2,500+ executives, thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to Cleveland to discuss the latest innovations, challenges and opportunities in the industry.

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