About Innovations

Innovations, the commercialization arm of Cleveland Clinic, grew out of the organization’s deep-rooted commitment to ‘Patients First’ and our renowned innovative culture. Focusing on domain portfolios – life science, medical device, delivery solutions, and health information technology – and leveraging an enterprise passion for medical advancement, Innovations drives patient-centered solutions to market. Innovations uses a unique approach to assess, protect, build, test, and market the most promising ideas of our 70,000+ caregivers. Since its inception in 2000, the office has transacted and obtained a wealth of technology licenses and issued patents.

Our History

Innovations was established by Cleveland Clinic leadership to reimagine the way technology is transferred from an academic institution to market. Designed for capabilities far beyond those of a traditional tech transfer office, Innovations’ robust team of market analysts, subject matter experts, and former medical industry leaders have brought actionable insights to every project that has crossed their desks in the last 20 years.

Our Process

Through submission of invention from our robust caregiver base, as well as active solicitation of ideas to healthcare’s big problems, Innovations fills its pipeline with projects poised to make substantial impact for patients everywhere. These ideas are funneled through our proprietary  process for full visibility and informed decisions as they relate to an invention’s next steps. 

Expertise from across Cleveland Clinic and our external network is solicited to offer strategic advice and identify groups that might benefit from technology licenses, joint development agreements, and more. If a technology is deemed to merit a new venture, an independent team of investment and operational professionals facilitate spin-off company formation, fundraising and governance.

In Action

Since our founding, Innovations has brought countless technologies to market, making ideas realities and valid solutions to patient problems. From early cardiovascular advances like the Cosgrove-Edwards Annuloplasty System and AtriClip for mitral valve replacement and left atrial appendage repair to our more current nursing successes of the Surgical Cooling Vest and the High-Line™ IV holder, our portfolio spans specialties and domains. Adding successful commercialization of projects like the H.E.A.R.T.® communication program, healthcare intelligence cloud company Explorys, and breakthrough genetic testing startup Cleveland Diagnostics, Innovations takes invention beyond device and into the lives and workflows of thousands. Working alongside some of the most passionate and talented caregivers in the world, Innovations is proud to move healthcare forward through vital product and business development.

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