Exploring the Partnership between Cleveland Clinic Ventures and eHealth Ventures

Exploring the Partnership between Cleveland Clinic Ventures and eHealth Ventures

eHealth Ventures is a consortium of US and Israeli entities with the objective of incubating and funding innovation in Israel. It operates one of 19 incubators/accelerators backed by the State of Israel, via the Innovation Israel NGO. Cleveland Clinic Ventures is one of the general partners along with Maccabi, Israel’s largest HMO, SHAFA Family Office, Amgen Ventures, Medison Pharma, a leading Israeli pharma company, SCI, a Chinese VC fund, and others.

The incubator has identified digital therapeutics and diagnostics as their area of focus. These digital therapeutics cross a number of sectors, including wellness, home care, IoT, big data, and more. Since operations began in early 2017, over 1,000 companies have been vetted and eight have been selected for inclusion in the incubator.

Of the eight companies selected for the incubator, five have telemedicine components:

  • DermaDetect is an app that allows you to detect and treat skin disorders via an app
  • OsteoSee is a platform which allows physicians to diagnose osteoporosis at the point-of-care, as well as monitor patients via a wristband and connected app
  • Mind’s Eye Diagnostics is an objective diagnostic system for ADHD which uses eye tracking as a biomarker. This platform also allows patients to monitor themselves throughout the day.
  • TikTalk is a speech therapy platform that allows patients to be treated in office, as well as at home through a multilingual speech recognition engine, videos, and gamification.
  • Train Pain is a virtual reality and smartphone based intervention to help treat chronic pain, as well as rehabilitate the underlying nervous system dysfunction that perpetuates the pain.
The final three portfolio companies offer digital therapeutics that patients can use on their own to aid their daily life:
  • Allerguard is a personal allergen sensor that works by analyzing the food compounds for key chemical and physical properties. It can currently detect if peanuts or tree-nuts are present in the sample.
  • EfA is a portable system to conduct a blood count CBC test with a finger prick, allowing patients to identify whether or not they will need antibiotics or other interventions from the comfort of their home.
  • SensoGenic is a portable biosensor used to detect food allergens; it utilizes a molecule-allergen interaction to detect milk and egg allergens in the food sample.
The partnership between eHealth Ventures and Cleveland Clinic Ventures is mutually beneficial. CCV offers portfolio companies key opinion leader review and market analysis, helps to identify areas of clinical need, and uses the Cleveland Clinic network to help portfolio companies meet investors and other key opinion leaders. In return, CCV has the benefit of an inside look at new technologies and how their potential clinical impact, the ability to help them set up a US foothold for further validation and commercialization activities, as well as a natural place to set up US operations after graduating from the incubator. This partnership also helps in the recruitment of international patients and physician engagement.

To learn more about eHealth Ventures, visit www.ehealthventures.com.

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