Invention Triage: Giving Feedback to Inventors without Risking Relationships

Invention Triage: Giving Feedback to Inventors without Risking Relationships

Relationships are at the center of every successful technology transfer officer. In order to truly move technology from ‘bench to bedside,’ we know that having flourishing, well-nourished relationships with industry partners is a MUST! What seems so obvious from a transactional standpoint (technology --> industry partner), is not always mirrored with the way we maintain relationships within our own organizations (TTO --> Inventors). Whether it be lack of communication, timeliness of review or a number of other service related issues, there tends to be recurring themes throughout organizations which can be pervasive and produce a rift between an organization and its TTO.  It is safe to say that TTOs do not intend to be outright rude to their inventors, but it happens all the same, and unless addressed head-on, it can squash an otherwise energetic and innovative culture. 

This session will discuss the challenges encountered at organizations and the steps taken to foster cultures of trust between innovation offices and inventors while providing a comprehensive due-diligence in a time-sensitive manner. With panelists from the VA (Chris Drabik), Emory University (Justin Burns), MedStar (Steve Kinsey) and the Cleveland Clinic (Michael Austriaco & Matt McBride), this promises to be a beneficial discussion where we will touch on the intricacies of maintaining relationships in these disparate institutions. While none of these institutions claim to have the magic bullet to address this common issue, each has a dedicated focus on improving their service to inventors and have the feedback to prove it(anecdotal and data). Don’t recreate the wheel. Join us to learn more.

By Matt McBride, Director, Inventor Services.

Matt has been with Innovations since 2012 and currently serves as the Director of Inventor Services. In this role, Matt is responsible for overseeing early stage assessment of invention disclosures based on intellectual property, market landscape, and return on investment for all technologies in the Cleveland Clinic Portfolio. Prior to joining CCI, Matt served as a Naval Officer at several commands throughout the world.


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