Precision Health & the AI Imperative

Precision Health & the AI Imperative

At MIS2019, Precision Health & the AI Imperative aimed to uncover the people, processes, and infrastructure needed to be ready for AI’s big impact in healthcare. David Karow, MD, PhD, President & Chief Innovation Officer, Human Longevity, Inc.; Steve Kearney, Chief Medical Officer, SAS; and Michael Howell, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Strategist, Google Health took the stage to showcase their companies’ perspectives on, and experience with, AI in healthcare. Experts in the field, these individuals were well-versed with the hype and hyperbole surrounding the technology. The audience learned how SAS is putting a face to data and understanding the patient journey, while collaborating to make AI seamless for providers; Human Longevity is working to identify disease at earlier stages and moving towards well care and what they call ‘pre-vivorship’; and Google aims to make world-class care for patients around the world scalable and accessible. 

In the lively discussion, two phrases were key focal points for these experts: interoperability and early detection. When prompted to identify the next big investment into AI, both Kearney and Howell agreed efforts should be made to drive its interoperability. The nearly limitless data acquired in healthcare on a daily basis drives these AI platforms, but the inability to weave said platforms into the daily workflows of clinicians mitigates the efficacy of the information. “They want it to be seamless,” said Kearney. “They don’t need to know its AI or Machine Learning, they just know they received an alert.”

Early detection, via an investment in deep, quantitative data, will also aid in bringing AI into the forefront of clinical care, argued Karow. With more access to this data, clinicians will be able to diagnose and detect disease at a much earlier stage for patients. And with more data available, costs will be driven down.

Precision Health & the AI Imperative showcased the excitement for truly actionable AI in the healthcare field – but the forward-thinking conversation did not come without warning. At the panel end, Howell urged the audience to think critically about AI, “It is so hyped right now – treat it with the same skepticism you would a new device or pharmaceutical,” he said. “Have a little skepticism that AI will tell you the right way to treat every patient. It is math, not magic.”

Watch the full panel below.

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