Putting AI into Perspective: Views from Top Healthcare Institutions

Putting AI into Perspective: Views from Top Healthcare Institutions

As innovators in the healthcare space, we know AI is more than just a splashy acronym. It is a technology poised to revolutionize aspects of the care continuum for both clinicians and consumers. It feels like AI’s big healthcare play is right around the corner – but we still have some questions about its use and regulation. At the 2019 Medical Innovation Summit, you'll hear all you need to know about its current and future deployment from experts using the technology in their institutions. 

AI in Healthcare: The Big Questions Still Need to be Answered 
Following IT trends, healthcare adopted AI – but its implementation has lacked some necessary checks and balances. As AI rapidly gains new function, we must establish accuracy, efficacy, and ethical protocols to prevent oversights. For this we ask the hard-hitting questions – How are we testing AI in healthcare? How can we understand its blind spots and bias models? And how can we be sure its pros are outweighing its cons for our patients?

Alistair Erskine, MD, Chief Digital Health Officer, Partners Healthcare 
Ed Marx,
 Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Clinic 
Marc Probst, Chief Information Officer, Intermountain Healthcare 
Sara Vaezy, Chief of Digital Strategy, Providence 
Richard Zane, MD, Chief Innovation Officer, UCHealth 

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