The Gamification of Healthcare

The Gamification of Healthcare

As consumers take a stand for patient-centered healthcare, gaming has become a fun, innovative way to keep them engaged. The intersection of these two sectors is providing opportunities for patients to heal – and be entertained in the process. As gaming finds a new niche within healthcare, the status of both industries is elevated. Games and interactive technology interfaces are bringing healthcare to the patient, where they want, and how they want it – personalized to them. While to most it seems odd that healthcare and gaming could ever cross paths, those inside this budding industry co-op can’t understand why it hasn’t happened sooner.

Designed to take into account the natural desires and motivations for competition, the gaming industry has seen loyal uptake by consumers through point assignment, achievement badges, and leveling up. Healthcare has the need to pull these same desires out of patients, so that they may unlock longer, healthier lives that are full of achievements and advances.

From treating post-traumatic stress disorder and teaching healthcare professionals, to developing life-saving behavior changes and steering better rehabilitation results, gamification is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape on many fronts. This year at the Medical Innovation Summit, we have gathered a multi-view perspective on just how gaming and healthcare intersect to tease out synergies and areas of opportunity. Don’t miss this panel of dynamic speakers:

  • Bob Burgin, CEO, Amplifire
  • Tom Kottler, CEO, Healthprize
  • Tina Patel, Executive Director, Business Innovation & Transformation, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Elan Schneider, CEO, TrainPain
  • Riccardo Zacconi, Chairman Emeritus, King
Join us on October 21-23, 2019 as we explore cross sector relationships, new avenues to advance medicine, technology’s role in drug development, and the financial picture that will propel patient care. Grab your seat and be a part of conversations at the forefront of care today that are enhancing the care of the future. Don’t miss the Summit that started it all.  

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