Using 6 Clicks to Improve Mobility

Using 6 Clicks to Improve Mobility

At the hospital, patients often think they will stay in bed, rest and heal. However, after all that rest, strength and mobility can decrease and patients often aren’t as ready to go home as they thought. Five years ago, when therapy leaders at Cleveland Clinic had the chance to collect basic patient data, they felt a functional measure would be most impactful to their work.  But there was nothing appropriate on the market, so they created it themselves. They worked with Boston University to produce inpatient short forms for the Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care or AM-PAC. AM-PAC, and the 6 Clicks training materials, are an example of how our Adeo platform can help reduce barriers to bring products to market. 

The short form of the AM-PAC Inpatient Short form, 6 Clicks, is a brief six question assessment of a patient’s mobility and daily activity. Scores are used to help ensure the right patients are being seen by occupational and/or physical therapists in order to remain as mobile as their condition allows, and transition from the inpatient setting to the proper care, whether at home or in a Skilled Nursing Facility.

The creators, Mary Stilphen and Karen Green, have since developed training materials for 6 Clicks. The training videos are a series of three tools: User Guide, Building a Culture of Mobility, and Partnering with Payers. Each of these tools aims to tackle different aspects of the implementation of 6 Clicks. The User Guide gives therapists or administrators a high-level overview of how to use and score the tool. Building a Culture of Mobility, a digital resource that provides users with video content, walks viewers through how to integrate mobility into the culture of the organization. This includes training documents and examples of how Cleveland Clinic has worked this into patient care plans. Finally, Partnering with Payers offers an example of using the 6 Clicks tool to ease the pre-approval process and ensure patients are discharged into the optimal setting.

Whether your goal is decreased length of stay, reduced falls, or simply increased mobility of patients, these training videos provide a 360-degree view of how to implement and bolster your use of 6 Clicks.

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