Innovation Centers

In support of our mission to be an international leader in developing, incubating, and commercializing medical technology, CCI partners with state and federal agencies to operate the NIH Center for Accelerated Innovations at Cleveland Clinic (NCAI-CC). Through this Center, promising projects and companies can receive industry-experienced guidance to advance their technology towards commercialization.

Cleveland Clinic and its partners Case Western Reserve University, The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s, have established the National Center for Accelerated Innovation (NCAI), a center that will significantly increase the generation of new, patient benefiting products related to priority targets set by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Cleveland Clinic and the NCAI’s institutional partners will present a steady stream of project development opportunities reflected by the base of nearly 250 on going NHLBI-funded research projects. These projects, along with innovations being generated at each of the participating institutions, will provide the initial focus for investigator engagement, technology solicitation, technology selection and technology development. Emphasizing innovations that fall within the domain of programs supported by NHLBI, selected projects will span diagnostics, devices, therapeutics and tools, and represent the full range of heart, lung, and blood disease areas, as well as related sleep disorders.

The Center is implementing broad-based, sustained activities, tools, and communication programs to reach out to investigators early in the life of technologies. Its technology solicitation and selection processes emphasize the criteria of clinical need, commercialization opportunity, and efficient project planning and will rapidly establish and maintain a robust pipeline of high-impact technology development opportunities for the Center.

To learn more about NCAI-CC, visit their website here

Preclinical Research & Development Facility

The GCIC preclinical research and development facilities provide state-of-the-art interventional and surgical resources for testing the next generation of devices and procedures.
Featuring two large procedure suites each equipped with the latest in imaging, surgical, monitoring and recording equipment, along with conscious testing and telemetry capabilities for on-site extended follow-up, the facility is ideal for a wide range of cardiovascular applications. The two large subject rooms are complemented by four additional surgical stations for conducting studies on smaller subjects with microscope observation capabilities, surgical preparation room, a conference room, and videoconferencing capability for observing procedures remotely.
This research and development facility offers a unique opportunity for industry partners to work with researchers, clinical investigators, interventionalists and surgeons at one of the premier and innovative cardiovascular healthcare institutions in the world, whether it be for early stage research, product development, or physician training on new devices or procedures.

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