Our Process

Since its founding in 2000, Cleveland Clinic Innovations has aimed to change the way technology is transferred from an academic institution to market.

Innovation at Cleveland Clinic thrives from a culture that encourages everyone to participate, from clinical staff to administrative personnel. CCI continues to foster and invest in this unique environment, resulting in a consistent flow of invention disclosures that encompass a healthy mix of Medical Device, Health IT, Therapeutics & Diagnostics, and Delivery Solution innovations.

To maintain this pipeline, CCI relies on a robust team of market analysts, subject matter experts and former medical industry leaders to mine, assess, and commercialize via our INVENT® process. The INVENT® process ensures the most promising inventions are positioned to succeed in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. Expertise from inside and outside Cleveland Clinic is solicited to offer strategic advice and identify partners that can benefit from technology licenses, joint development agreements, and more.

Through our Healthcare Innovations Alliance, CCI joins forces with peer institutions to deploy a critical mass to identify, assess, and commercialize the most promising of inventions, as well as with likeminded corporations who can offer development resources for those technologies that fill a specific market need.

Like the inventions that we commercialize, CCI is proud of its ability to find better, novel ways to get great technologies to the market faster. Contact us today to learn more.


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