Adventures in Health Science and Medicine®


What is it? What does it do?

Adventures in Health Science and Medicine® (AHSM®) is a turn-key connected learning program that can be licensed by healthcare organizations to meet their educational and community benefit goals.
This 10-week program features interactive webinars, an ongoing case study, and a classroom kit which includes hands-on experiments. 

Why is it better?

AHSM (aka “awesome”) connects middle school students in your community with healthcare professionals from your organization working in a variety of fields, including radiology, respiratory therapy, medical laboratory, pharmacy, and physical therapy.

What is its current status?

  • Sessions are facilitated via webinar, allowing your clinicians to engage with multiple schools without leaving your hospital.
  • Proven instructional program that has been implemented in 40 schools over the past 5 years and is aligned with national science and health standards. 
  • Easy to implement in all types of schools (public, private, charter, STEM)

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