MIS2018 Track Preview: Digital Innovation in Healthcare Investment Forum

MIS2018 Track Preview: Digital Innovation in Healthcare Investment Forum

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Delve deeper into the world of healthcare investment with our multifaceted brass track. Digital transformation is driving innovative solutions that seek to improve outcomes, lower costs, and optimize the care experience for both patients and caregivers. Learn how entrepreneurs, investors and health system leaders are working together to address some of healthcare's greatest opportunities for disruption.

The Patient: Rise of the Healthcare Consumer
Patients are at the center of the healthcare universe. More than ever, today's healthcare 'consumers' are incented and empowered to actively participate in their wellness, prevention, treatment and management of chronic conditions. Digital health is leading the way in delivering better quality with an experience that patients have come to expect from other service providers. In this panel, hear from leaders on the front lines working to improve patient experience, engagement and outcomes.

Adrienne Boissy, MD, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic
Tom Shehab, Managing Director, Arboretum Ventures
Royal Tuthill, Co-Founder, Docent Health

The Caregiver: Driving Efficiency through Digital Transformation
Consistent with the goal of working smarter, not harder, healthcare providers strive to operate at the top of their license. Digital health solutions aimed at better communication, care coordination, clinical decision support and documentation are addressing the growing challenge of caregiver engagement and physician burnout. Here, panelists will discuss how disruptive technology solutions are impacting workflow improvement from the caregiver's prospective.

Leslie Bottorff, Managing Director, GE Ventures
Graham Hunter, Principal, Heritage Group
Si Luo, CEO, PatientSafe Solutions
Will Morris, MD, Senior Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Innovations

The System: Operational Improvement and the Shift to Value-Based Care
A rapidly changing reimbursement landscape is causing the health system to move from traditional fee-for-service to value-based care. Providers are now rewarded by delivering improved care quality and outcomes at a lower cost - or penalized if they don't. Major advances in machine learning and data analytics, along with increased adoption of telehealth, remote patient monitoring, digital therapeutics and care management solutions, are enabling this shift to risk-based models. Hear how emerging digital health companies and enterprise executives are leveraging these breakthrough technologies to drive population health management and operational efficiencies.

Mike McSherry, CEO, Xealth
Tripp Peake, Managing Partner, LRVHealth
Peter Rasmussen, MD, Medical Director, Distance Health, Cleveland Clinic
Simrit Sandhu, Executive Driector, Supply Chain, Cleveland Clinic

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