MIS2019 Features AI and More

MIS2019 Features AI and More

Technology, as we know, will have a great impact on healthcare's future. This has been proven over and over again as the world grows. As we embark on the next evolution of technology - AI - we are beginning to see the promise of where it can help healthcare evolve. Today, AI is influencing the discovery of our drugs and the accuracy of our diagnoses. It is aiding our caregivers to prevent burnout, and personalizing treatment for our patients. But how much of its original promise is being realized, and what are the issues facing its widespread implementation? 

At MIS2019, we have gathered stakeholders and experts to talk about where the technology is today, where it's going, and how to prepare for its full impact. Leave with accurate predictions and actionable insights in the healthcare world.

AI is just one topic that the Summit will cover this year. Check out the current agenda on our website for a sneak peak of what to expect and take advantage of early bird savings of 25% savings of a full access pass today.

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