MIS2020 Recap: Session 3

MIS2020 Recap: Session 3

Whether you joined us live on October 6, watched content On Demand, or have yet to engage with the 2020 Medical Innovation Summit by Cleveland Clinic, the learning opportunity remains as we continue to host recordings of the live event on our interactive platform. If you prefer to read of the insights delivered, we’ll be recapping our content by session through the end of the year, but don’t forget you have the ability to receive this knowledge first-hand through playback of our star-studded keynotes, firesides, and panels. Access to these recordings expires 12/31 – sign in or register today!

MIS2020 Session 3
Fireside Chat: Mace Rothenberg, MD & Brian Donley, MD; Strength in Numbers; Answering the Unconventional Innovation Call

In the Summit’s third session, the horizons of our conversation expanded – talking care that crosses borders, enterprises, and industries. COVID-19’s widespread effects have made these discussions crucial in order to ensure safety for communities, families, and individuals everywhere. Helping understand what’s been done to combat this crisis, speakers from some of the most collaborative entities detailed their work for COVID-19 to date, and the benefit and requirement of a united front.

Said Mace Rothenberg, MD, CMO, Pfizer on the affect COVID-19 has had on his global organization, “When you're dealing with a company that has a worldwide footprint, involving more than 80,000 colleagues in multiple therapeutic areas, and delivering billions of doses of hundreds of therapies and medicines to the world each year, it's sometimes difficult to rally the organization around one issue. But what COVID-19 has done, is allowed Pfizer to work as one, with a singular purpose. United we’ve met this challenge.” Though divided between continents, the organization’s common heart beat and global insights are what have enabled its success. Leveraging connections at home and abroad, Pfizer, like many other international organizations, have put worldwide weight behind this worldwide problem. 

Of course we know from preceding Summit conversations that inter-organizational collaboration, too, has fueled healthcare progress in COVID-19. In our panel ‘Strength in Numbers,’ we explored the effects of teamwork between pharmaceutical companies in particular. As it relates to the organization’s CoVig-19 Plasma Alliance, Rajeev Venkayya, President of the Global Vaccine Business Unit at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company shared his thoughts on pooled effort. “Having a single unbranded product come out of a group effort that all companies can distribute? That’s really never happened before. I think it’s a great illustration of a sensible approach, initiated by industry, to work smarter, and make product available to patients faster, than might’ve otherwise been possible.” Putting public and patient health first by working together, rather than pursuing individual research, the companies in Takeda’s CoVig-19 Plasma Alliance, and those that comprise the pharmaceutical industry on the whole, are accelerating development, improving chances of success, and increasing supply of potential treatment. 

Finally, and to no surprise, collaboration between industries has also proved crucial. Answering the “Unconventional Innovation Call,” several companies in spaces like toy, retail, and auto, were quick to lend resources and pivot supply chains for the greater good. But be it making masks from messenger bags or ventilators from vehicles, it was the teamwork between the health and varied industries that enabled progress. Said Michelle Nadeau, Chief Marketing Officer of bag manufacturing company, Timbuk2, “We couldn't have done much of what we did without those key partnerships. It took a very interesting group of people to come together to create our shift from messengers to masks at Timbuk2.” Nadeau continued, “What was so important from the very beginning with these partnerships was clearly articulating what we knew how to do and what we didn't know how to do. I think as business people, we're always looking for the silver lining, we're always promising that we can do so many things. A lot of times, we can deliver on that. But sometimes we can’t. Given the critical nature of this mask project, soliciting advice was imperative. We learned a ton, but we couldn't have done it without our partners. I just think a level of vulnerability and honesty right out of the gate was key, and should always be key, in partnership.” 

Like the first two sessions, this third session of our October 6 live broadcast highlighted that collaboration has brought strength to the fight against this crisis. For true insight and in-depth discussions of the above concepts, view the third session of MIS2020 anytime through December 31. Log in or register to gain access and let us know what you think through this short survey

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