Real Solutions for those Who Need them Most

Real Solutions for those Who Need them Most

It seems like just yesterday, a talented group of veterans, engineers, designers, and other professionals gathered on an early spring evening, to launch a program with greater than realized impact. The program – the first of its kind – designed to pair well-deserving veterans with makers to help solve their, often simple, problems. At kick-off, makers learned the stories of the seven veterans chosen to take part. Stories that would leave imprints on the hearts of everyone attending. Stories that are heard too frequently from those who serve our country. Stories that left us feeling like the world should be doing more.

After weeks of collaborating with their veterans, the makers will gather this week, April 25-27, to put the finishing touches on their innovative solutions. Solutions designed and developed to solve real problems for veterans with varying life-disrupting disabilities. Simple tasks that most take for granted: the ability to easily play with your child, accomplish a daily task, have your own independence, and just to be able to conquer your fears. And while that seems like it would be easy, the customization of the solution to the veteran is all but simple. Each team has had to work through the pros and cons of their solution and tweak the technology to make it the right fit for their vet.

At the conclusion of this three day Make-A-Thon, there will be a sneak peek at the innovative life-changing solutions developed for the veterans at the Closing Ceremony. Hosted at HIMSS Innovation Center, on April 27th at 6pm, you will have a chance to meet the makers, veterans and their families, and learn about their innovation and the journey in creating them.

Eager to learn more about the Veteran participants? Visit Challenge America’s site to read their personal stories, and RSVP today to join us for the Closing Ceremony. We hope to see you there.

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