Top 10 Technology in Action: Patient-Specific 3D Printing

Top 10 Technology in Action: Patient-Specific 3D Printing

To many people, a 3D printer is just a gadget. But to baby Paisley, it’s the technology that helped save her life. Born with the rare heart condition, dextrocardia with heterotaxy, a malformed ventricle, and other various defects – the need for major surgery was immediately apparent.

But due to her young age and difficult anatomy, preparing for the intricate procedure required careful thought. Before operating, Paisley’s surgeon, Dr. Najm, leveraged one of the newer methods in surgical prep. Utilizing a 3D printed replica of her heart – derived from a CT scan – Dr. Najm and team were able to conceptualize a course of action to bring about best results. Says Dr. Najm, “It is an invaluable tool when planning to repair complex hearts.”

Through 2018, the use of 3D printed technology for patient-specific cases began to rise. The adoption continues in the early months of 2019 with cases such as Paisley’s. An innovative way to increase the level of personalization in medicine, “Patient-Specific Products Achieved with 3D Printing” was awarded the #5 spot on the Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2019. Living up to its rank, the benefit of 3D printing in medicine can be seen every day in Paisley’s smile.

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