View MIS2020 Content On Demand

View MIS2020 Content On Demand

Cleveland Clinic’s 2020 Medical Innovation Summit was its most relevant and accessible yet, delivering virtually a full day of complimentary content. With topics like healthcare investment, data privacy, digital health integration, rapid pharmaceutical development, and more, MIS2020 held the conversations most requested by healthcare innovators, and those required to understand the necessity of continuous innovation to achieve superior care for patients worldwide. Its integration of perspectives in light of COVID-19 made the event a requirement for those looking to understand the current healthcare landscape.

Key takeaways from the event included the concept that telehealth is here to stay as a safe, convenient way for patients to get the care they need. The necessity of patients continuing to seek their routine care also emerged as a theme, backed with an agreement that patient safety should remain a cornerstone in care during this time. Most notably, the discussions at MIS2020 highlighted the need for collaboration within and between industries for true healthcare change. The value of teamwork cannot be understated as it relates to the ability to evolve in the face of a crisis.

For those who joined us last Tuesday, thank you for your interest in medical innovation and the Summit. We hope you enjoyed catching these insights live. For those taking advantage of their playback ability, watch anytime in the next 60 days with your registration login information. For those who didn’t have a chance to register before October 6: fear not! You, too, have access to this content with a simple post-event registration. Click ‘View Sessions’ below and follow the prompts to register on the Summit webpage.

Don’t forget to check out our Sponsor booths and take advantage of those peers in the Community – send messages to network on your own time! Finally, what’s ours is yours. Feel free to share this email and/or the Summit webpage with any peers or colleagues who might be interested in what our speakers had to say. Far be it from us to prevent inspiration for innovation, because after all:

“There is a great opportunity [in healthcare]. We need to make sure we resist the urge to go backward.” – Steve Glass, Cleveland Clinic

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay innovative. We’ll see you next fall.


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