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Cleveland Clinic pegs 10 top care innovations for 2019

In its annual assessment of emerging advancements, the Cleveland Clinic ranked the game-changing potential for new technologies—including information technology—that will hit the market in 2019. “The passion of our clinicians and researchers to get the best care for patients drives a continuous dialogue about what state-of-the art medical inventions are just over the horizon,” its announcement indicates. 


Centerline Biomedical Announces FDA Submission for IOPS System

Centerline Biomedical, Inc., announced on January 22nd that the company submitted a 510(k) premarket notification application to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its flagship product, the Intra-Operative Positioning System, IOPS.


Cleveland Clinic Using Augmented Reality to Enhance Liver Cancer Therapy

A form of augmented reality is being adapted by Cleveland Clinic research scientists and physicians for use in a wide array of clinical applications. Doctors are using a fully self-contained holographic computer –the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality device –to enhance the treatment of liver cancer, aortic aneurysms, ovarian cancer and even face transplant surgery.


Astellas Executes License Agreement with an Option to Acquire JVS-100 Gene Therapy Program from Juventas

Developed through research at Cleveland Clinic, Juventas Therapeutics, the clinical stage biotechnology company, is a pioneer in non-viral gene therapies. Licensed and spun-out through Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Juventas raised more than $50 million to advance its primary gene therapy candidate JVS-100, from concept through Phase II clinical studies in heart failure and Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).


19 things to look forward to in 2019

It's no secret that opioid deaths and overdoses are at crisis levels in the US. However, 2019 may bring new ways of fighting this epidemic. Every year, the Cleveland Clinic releases the most important medical advancements for the coming year, and at the top of its list for 2019 is alternative pain management therapies.


Subscribe From Subaru Ascent to Apple Watch Series 4: The biggest product launches of 2018

This year, American consumer confidence hit a near 18-year high. These conditions – which often translate to increased consumer spending – provide an ideal environment for companies to introduce innovative new products. Prevent Biometrics is listed at #5.


Study explains how red meat raises heart disease risk

Researchers have more evidence about how eating red meat can raise heart disease risk.


Top 10 medical innovations for 2019

The Cleveland Clinic recently announced its annual list of the top 10 medical innovations for 2019 at the 2018 Medical Innovation Summit, held in Cleveland, OH. The advances, which are expected to enhance health care, were selected by a panel of Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists.


North Olmsted High School's aspiring medical students attend Cleveland Clinic's 2018 Start-Up Showcase

North Olmsted High School biomedicine students participated in the Cleveland Clinic's Judging Innovation program Oct. 22 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.


Cleveland Clinic sees 2019 as the year of healthcare AI

A big healthcare system well known for its annual forecast of emerging trends that will significantly impact healthcare in the next year has named artificial intelligence as one of the those trends.

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