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Protolabs awards two grants to improve feeding tubes for patients

A tube that will simplify the feeding of babies in neonatal intensive care and a specialized seal for adult feeding tubes will be prototyped after winning manufacturing awards from Protolabs.


Cleveland company developing technology to help patients with diabetes

As the cost of life-saving insulin soars for people with diabetes, a Cleveland company is developing nanotechnology that could help.


Airway device leads to Cleveland Clinic partnership

P3 Medical was chosen by Cleveland Clinic Ohio’s Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia department to develop an airway device aimed to improve patient safety.


Family Care Path Partners With OneOme To Add Pharmacogenomic Testing To Its Genetic Wellness Program

Family Care Path, Inc. a health technology company that brings applications benefiting people to the healthcare market, today announced a new partnership with Minneapolis-based pharmacogenomic (PGx) solutions company, OneOme, LLC. Through this partnership, Family Care Path will be offering OneOme's RightMed® Test to its customers along with its MyLegacy application, a family history-based genetic risk assessment.


Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2020, According to Cleveland Clinic

A dual-acting osteoporosis drug, minimally invasive mitral valve surgery, and a new treatment for peanut allergies are among the medical advances that will significantly transform the medical field and improve care for patients in the coming year, according to the Cleveland Clinic's list of top 10 medical innovations for 2020.


Covanos Named Platinum Winner At Cleveland Clinic's 2019 Medical Innovation Summit AMP'D Arena Competition

Covanos, Inc., an Atlanta-based private medical technology company, was named the Platinum Winner of the AMP'D Arena Pitch Competition at the 2019 Medical Innovation Summit, organized by Cleveland Clinic and co-sponsored by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. The Company's first product-in-development, C-HEART is a PC-based software product that uses proprietary advances in computational fluid dynamics to rapidly and non-invasively identify whether blockages in coronary arteries require a medical intervention, such as surgery or stent.


AI-powered ‘Doctor Google’ seen as the future of virtual triage

As artificial intelligence applications continue to proliferate in medicine, healthcare technologists foresee—over the next few years—an AI-powered version of “Doctor Google” that will offer virtual triage capabilities.


Cleveland Clinic Announces Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2020

Cleveland Clinic announced the top 10 medical innovations for 2020, which details the medical advancements that have the potential power in transforming healthcare in the next year, during the 17th annual Medical Innovation Summit (MIS).


These 10 innovations will 'transform health care' in 2020, according to Cleveland Clinic

The list was chosen by a panel of Cleveland Clinic scientists and physicians led by Cleveland Clinic's Chief Wellness Officer Michael Roizen. To compile the list, the panel selected innovations that they predict will "significantly transform the medical field and improve care for patients at Cleveland Clinic and throughout the world," according to Roizen.


The key to Cleveland Clinic Innovations' 20 years of patents, licensing agreements, spinoff companies: Razor-sharp market focus

Peter O'Neill, executive director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations, can't choose just one of Cleveland Clinic's innovation initiatives to highlight: "It's hard to pick your favorite child," he told Becker's Hospital Review.

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