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Since 2000, Cleveland Clinic Innovations has been dedicated to commercializing novel and innovative healthcare technologies. The right people, process and strategic collaborations enable success and extend the impact of life changing innovations. CCI’s Business Solutions are designed to extend our knowledge and network to any healthcare institution, university, industry partner, investor or entrepreneur looking to build a more powerful innovation operation. Contact us today to learn about any of the below services.



We collaborate to define your vision for innovative medical products, evaluate your organization’s current state of preparedness, and design the path to achieve your goals.

Together, we establish the foundation for commercialization success:

  1. Imagine your future. Define your vision.
  2. Inventory your innovation ecosystem at the individual, team and enterprise levels.
  3. Customize a strategic roadmap to implement your vision for innovation.
Establish a plan to achieve: 
  • Leadership Support and Enterprise Priority
  • Policies, Procedures & Governance
  • A Collaborative Team of Internal & External Experts
  • Identification of Funding Sources
  • A Transparent Commercialization Process
  • Innovator Engagement, Communication & Recognition

Once your aspirational vision and strategic roadmap for innovation has been defined, Cleveland Clinic Innovations will work with your team to execute key cultural and infrastructure initiatives, including:
  • Vision & Operational Alignment
  • Policies & Governance Establishment
  • Funding Structure & Source Identification
  • Commercialization Process Creation
  • Engagement & Recognition Design
  • Internal Talent & Partner Identification
  • ADEO™ Online Marketplace
  • Key Opinion Leader Engagement
  • Business Plan Development for Review
  • Partner Identification
  • Market Intelligence & Segmentation
  • Clinical Validation Trials & Pilots
We work with entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporations and other healthcare organizations to provide access and expertise to further commercialize objectives for innovative medical products. Through Cleveland Clinic’s Healthcare Innovations Alliance, we are able to offer technology-specific clinical or domain support to enhance your internal capabilities.

Organizations with a sound innovation infrastructure are invited to participate in
iNetwork. iNetwork members benefit from a global collaborative extending your reach across the healthcare commercialization process. The future of innovation is realized at these intersections and we are here to empower you with the right access, tools and resources to excel.
iNetwork Advantages:


  • Collaboration Events
  • Engagement Platform
  • Medical Innovation Summit
  • Educational Sessions
  • ADEO Online Marketplace
  • Clinical Peer Review Committees


  • Diagnostic Map
  • Innovation Ecosystem Assessment & Future Vision Report
  • Commercialization Tools & Training


  • Cleveland Clinic Innovations’ Business Solutions
  • Cleveland Clinic Technology-Specific Commercialization Support

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