Healthcare Innovations Alliance

Realizing a Sustainable Innovation Program through Collaboration

For each and every organization, innovation may mean something completely different and the metrics for success can vary significantly. One common thread is the importance of people and process to support the innovative ideas that create new lifesaving products and services.

Members of the Healthcare Innovations Alliance are relying on Cleveland Clinic Innovations for a number of services and access to the clinical and business thought leaders in healthcare. Collectively, the network is striving to identify and capitalize on how collaboration can lead to meaningful joint development projects and implementation of best practices.

The Healthcare Innovations Alliance is always looking for forward thinking healthcare organizations and corporate partners who are looking to establish their innovation function or improve upon their existing infrastructure. More importantly, the Alliance is looking to partner with organizations who are willing to take a unique approach to identify organic innovation opportunities that through collaboration can extend human life and improve the efficiency of how healthcare is delivered.

Please contact us to explore how we may work together through the Healthcare Innovations Alliance. Also, please take a moment to learn more about our current partners and how their organizations are improving and expanding their innovations efforts.


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