Lifetime Achievement Award: Mohamed Naguib, MD

With this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award, we honor Mohamed Naguib, MD – world-renowned anesthesiologist, prolific inventor and co-founder of Cleveland Clinic spin-off NeuroTherapia who passed away in 2020. Dr. Naguib joined Cleveland Clinic as a staff anesthesiologist in the Department of General Anesthesiology in 2010. Dr. Naguib was considered a mentor of anesthesiology to many colleagues in the Middle East and worldwide, and was nationally recognized for his pioneering scholarly work on neuromuscular monitoring. His findings were translated by investigators in many publications.

He was the principal author or co-author of 130 peer-reviewed journal articles, 25 book chapters (including the premier Miller’s Textbook of Anesthesia) and 150 abstracts. He also served on the editorial board of numerous anesthesia journals and was a past president of the International Society for Anesthesia Pharmacology (ISAP). Through the ISAP, Dr. Naguib will be honored with an additional Lifetime Achievement Award and the Inaugural Naguib Lecture. Dr. Naguib is also celebrated for his work as an NIH-funded basic science researcher and co-founder of NeuroTherapia – a company focused on discovering and developing new chemical entities for the treatment of neuroinflammatory disease.

With his passing, Dr. Naguib left behind a blossoming Cleveland Clinic startup with the power to revolutionize care for neurologic disorders such as neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease. In 2020, NeuroTherapia announced the completion of a Phase 1a first-in-human clinical trial of its lead compound, NTRX-07. The study was a single ascending dose clinical trial carried out in healthy volunteers, in which NeuroTherapia observed a lack of dose-limiting toxicity and side effects, giving confidence that its product will be safe for use in patients following longer-term administration.

Said NeuroTherapia co-founder Joe Foss, MD, of his partner Dr. Naguib, “Mohamed had a brilliant mind and an incredible work ethic. Over a decade of research into the mechanisms of neuroinflammation positioned us to translate his vision into the clinical care of patients who currently have very limited options for treatment. As a good friend, collaborator and co-founder, I cannot think of another person more deserving of this award.”

Said current NeuroTherapia President and CEO, Tony Giordano, PhD, “When I joined Cleveland Clinic, I had no desire to get involved with another startup – I had previously started seven different companies – but then I met Mohamed. His passion and expertise in the field of neuroinflammation quickly convinced me that his work was likely to produce actual treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Mohamed was at the forefront of the role of neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases, and NeuroTherapia is now implementing his vision in hopes of bringing a solution to market. I am very privileged to have worked with him and glad he is being recognized with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.”

We remember Dr. Naguib for his contributions to healthcare and the culture of innovation at Cleveland Clinic, and honor him with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Naguib is survived by his wife, Mona Sabry Abdel Megaid, MD, and three daughters, Yomna, Mai and Yussr. His youngest, Yussr Ibrahim, MD, shares his passion for research and medical innovation, and is following in his footsteps as a practicing anesthesiologist. Hear from Dr. Ibrahim in the above video, as she accepts our Lifetime Achievement Award on her father’s behalf.

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