Transformation Tuesdays

A virtual webinar series committed to bringing relevant, original content to the world’s audience of healthcare innovators, Cleveland Clinic’s Transformation Tuesdays program increases access to our network of key thought leaders with insight into the future of care delivery. Join us select Tuesdays of every month as we collaborate with diverse decision-makers to discuss healthcare’s big problems, big solutions, and ever-widening opportunities.


November | Robotics

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November 3, 2020 | The Emerging Robotic Ecosystem

In this webinar discussion, CEOs and leaders from cutting-edge robotics startups will speak to commercialization hurdles in the COVID-19 era. Ranging from early and late stage to exited, these entities are bringing new robotic technologies to a growing ecosystem. How are they maintaining their innovative spark and what comes next for those working in the space? Tune in to find out. 

Moderator: Akhil Saklecha, MD, Partner, Ventures, Cleveland Clinic
Mark Barrish, CEO, Moray Medical
Lisa Carmel, Vice President Strategy, Ximedica
Eric Davidson, President, Flexible Robotics, Auris
Luke Hares, Chief Technology Officer, CMR Surgical
Philip Rackliffe, CEO, Centerline  Biomedical



November 17, 2020 | Changing Medicine: Integrating Robotics

The past several years have shown a growing display of robotic innovation in healthcare. Startup effort in the space has been grand, but to truly be able to change medicine, buy-in from all industry players is required. What does the integration of robotics in healthcare mean for providers? What issues can adoption of the technology solve? Which have they solved to date? Join us as these leaders detail the collaborative feedback process to drive meaningful innovation in healthcare robotics. 

Moderator: Will Morris, MD, Executive Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic
Bob DeSantis, EVP, Intuitive
Jihad Kaouk, MD, Director, Center for Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic
Mike Pereira, Chief Strategy & Technology Officer,  Ximedica
Doug Teany, Chief Operating Officer, Corindus
Liane Teplitsky, Vice President & General Manager, Worldwide Robotics, Zimmer Biomet


December | Investment & Startup Industry

December 1, 2020 | Small but Mighty: Startup Contributions in COVID-19

Lean and nimble, startup ventures possess the flexibility to stay current and make themselves applicable in nearly any situation. In the face of COVID-19, the health industry capitalized on this feature, leveraging the drive of these entrepreneurs for quick turn around on essential supplies and ground-breaking research. In this Transformation Tuesdays installment, hear the stories of some large investment firms and their startup counterparts.

Past Sessions

July | Telehealth Series

Telehealth may be known as the buzzword-turned-basic necessity in light of recent events, but the tool has held revolutionary power in healthcare for years. The platforms available today have matured to remedy both patient- and clinician-facing concerns, making the delivery of care quicker, simpler, and more widespread. Coupled with other digital health initiatives like remote monitoring and wearable devices, teleheatlh continues to figuratively, and literally, push the boundaries of provider practice. With these two expert discussions, gain insight into future applications and adoption of telehealth in our world of socially distant care.

The Versatility of TelehealthClick here to view the webinar | View speaker bios & photos here.
Building the Digital Doctor's Office | Click here to view the webinar | View speaker bios & photos here.

August | Artificial Intelligence

Seen as clinicians’ trusty side-kicks, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are integrating into workflows across the health ecosystem. Allowing a more comprehensive view of problems and patients, AI and ML are helping countless innovators understand complex situations – most recently, those in the pharmaceutical industry as they respond to pressures placed by COVID-19. Used for the rapid identification and screening of both new and repurposed compounds, AI and ML have helped move the needle toward safe, effective solutions. These two panels will discuss the platforms’ efforts to combat the deadliest virus seen in the modern era – helping researchers like some of literature’s best fictional detective partners.  

Healthcare's Newest Sidekick  | Click here to view the webinar.

September | AR/VR

To some, augmented and virtual reality technology seems only relevant to those in the gaming and entertainment industries. To others, the tech might even register as an item of the distant future. But to the clinicians actively using AR/VR to change their practices, it is here, now, and as much a part of healthcare as the otoscope. In September, Transformation Tuesdays will explore the use of these high-tech realities to connect and maintain communication in this time of social distance, and through the full spectrum of patient care – from diagnosis to treatment.

Socially Distant Connection through Virtual RealityClick here to view the webinar. | View speaker bios & photos here.
Education, Diagnostics & Treatment: AR/VR’s Triple Threat | View speaker bios & photos here.

October | Value-Based Care

Healthcare payors have long been reluctant to embrace the benefits and opportunities digital health has to offer for patients, resulting in delays of the technology’s widespread use. But new digital players are disrupting the industry at a rapid pace, and in the era of COVID-19, adoption rates have skyrocketed as virtual visits see unprecedented demand. If the COVID-19 crisis did nothing else, it pushed the payor scape to keep an open mind as it relates to coverage of telehealth. The doors have since been opened for all payors to make the method available to the masses at an affordable, unbiased rate. Moving forward, what does this mean for payors, providers, and, most importantly, patients?

Adopting Digital Health: The Payor Perspective

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