Transformation Tuesdays

A virtual webinar series committed to bringing relevant, original content to the world’s audience of healthcare innovators, Cleveland Clinic’s Transformation Tuesdays program increases access to our network of key thought leaders with insight into the future of care delivery. Join us select Tuesdays of every month as we collaborate with diverse decision-makers to discuss healthcare’s big problems, big solutions, and ever-widening opportunities.

July Series | Telehealth

Telehealth may be known as the buzzword-turned-basic necessity in light of recent events, but the tool has held revolutionary power in healthcare for years. The platforms available today have matured to remedy both patient- and clinician-facing concerns, making the delivery of care quicker, simpler, and more widespread. Coupled with other digital health initiatives like remote monitoring and wearable devices, teleheatlh continues to figuratively, and literally, push the boundaries of provider practice. With these two expert discussions, gain insight into future applications and adoption of telehealth in our world of socially distant care.

July 7 | The Versatility of Telehealth

In response to shockwaves sent through the healthcare system, telehealth has made a name for itself. But even before COVID-19, the platform was increasing access and allowing fuss-free visits in specialties ranging from neurology to genomics and plenty in between. Here panelists will speak to the versatility of this solution and give their predictions for additional applications as a result of its newfound popularity. 

ModeratorWill Morris, MD, Executive Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic
Lisa Alderson, CEO & Co-Founder, Genome Medical
Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, American Telemedicine Association (ATA)
Peter Rasmussen, MD, Chief Clinical Officer for CCAW JV, LLC 
Jennifer Schneider, MD, President, Livongo Health
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July 21 | Building the Digital Doctor's Office

The utilization of telehealth is allowing providers to see more patients in the comfort of their own homes. But there are certain functional measurements a video platform alone cannot accommodate. To produce true meaningful data for the diagnosis and management of both short-term and chronic diseases, clinicians can deploy a suite of remote monitoring technologies. Hear from some companies bringing necessary context and color to virtual visits through safe, compliant, connected devices.

Moderator: Adam Myers, MD, Chief, Population Health/Director, Cleveland Clinic Community Care, Cleveland Clinic
Dedi Gilad, CEO & Co-Founder, Tyto Care
Sami Inkinen, CEO & Co-Founder, Virta Health
Inder Singh, CEO & Founder, Kinsa

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August | Artificial Intelligence

Seen as clinicians’ trusty side-kicks, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are integrating into workflows across the health ecosystem. Allowing a more comprehensive view of problems and patients, AI and ML are helping countless innovators understand complex situations – most recently, those in the pharmaceutical industry as they respond to pressures placed by COVID-19. Used for the rapid identification and screening of both new and repurposed compounds, AI and ML have helped move the needle toward safe, effective solutions. These two panels will discuss the platforms’ efforts to combat the deadliest virus seen in the modern era – helping researchers like some of literature’s best fictional detective partners.  

August 11 | Healthcare's Newest Sidekick

Seen as clinicians’ trusty side-kicks, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been integrated into various workflows. Helping countless innovators understand complex situations, these platforms are allowing providers to see problems and patients on a more comprehensive level. Mimicking some of literature’s best fictional detectives and their partners, caregivers and these computer science marvels are using important context clues to uncover better care.

Moderator: Anil Jain, MD, VP and Chief Health Informatics Officer, IBM Watson Health
 Aziz Nazha, MD, Director, Center for Clinical Artificial Intelligence & Associate Medical
Director for Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Analytics, Cleveland Clinic
Oliver Schabenberger, PhD, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer, SAS


August 25 | AI's Role in Identifying Repurposable Drugs

No one could’ve imagined the pressure pharmaceutical researchers and industry members would be under in early 2020. In a time of crisis with no known solution, experts worked tirelessly to bring hope by way of vaccine and treatment. In these unnerving scenarios, the rapid identification of both new and repurposed potential compounds is key. This panel will discuss the roles AI and ML played in the screening of solutions to combat the deadliest virus in the modern era.


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