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April | Patient Experience​

For 100 years, Cleveland Clinic has been a proud proponent of ‘patients first.’ Conveying our unmatched devotion to caring and researching for their health through life, putting patients first allows for the delivery of safe, high-value, high-quality care. The ideal, however, goes beyond the clinical, taking into account each patient’s physical comfort, as well as educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. This deeper understanding of the individuals we serve led Cleveland Clinic to become the first major academic medical center to make patient experience a strategic goal, appoint a Chief Experience Officer, and one of the first to establish an Office of Patient Experience. Join us in the month of April as we evaluate the importance of experience across industries and health domains to remain innovative in our approach to patient care.


March | COVID-19

Though the first case of COVID-19 was reported internationally in December 2019, March 2020 marked the start of an unforgettable time for many. Sent home to work safely from varied locations and guided by newly enacted stay-at-home orders, individuals in the US settled in for what would become their ‘new normal.’ Now, approximately one year later, many are wondering what, if anything, has changed. With this month of COVID-19-focused Transformation Tuesdays, gain insight into the latest as it relates to the status of the industry, changes in care processes, and continued requirements of the public.

February | Healthcare Disparities

The year 2020 changed everything – bringing with it much needed clarity in healthcare. Serving to magnify areas and issues in desperate need of creative solutions, care became more readily available than ever before. However, the distribution of said solutions has been far from universal – presenting difficult to some of those who need them most. For both COVID-19 and underlying health issues, cohorts of community members and enterprise leaders are joining forces to ensure better care in every possible corner. 


January | Global Impact

Healthcare is a global entity – just one of the many things COVID-19 taught us to be true. But be it a pandemic or day-to-day care, ensuring the health and safety of communities far and wide requires an infrastructure that can’t be built overnight. In the month of January, we’ll be sharing Cleveland Clinic insights as they relate to building a health empire over 100 years to encourage and deliver world-class care worldwide.  

December | Investment & The Startup Industry

Large industry players work diligently to move healthcare forward through high-profile strategic partnerships, but smaller entities, too, make consistent waves via their unwavering devotion to superior health solutions. In December, our health innovators get diversified insight through the eyes of startup leadership. Both within and outside Cleveland Clinic’s investment portfolio, these companies hold unique views to change medicine for the better. Hear how some startups have pivoted to bring new solutions for the COVID-19 crisis, while others remain steadfast to the value they provide in healthcare's bigger picture.


November | Robotics

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The past several years have shown an enormous display of robotic innovation in healthcare. Startup effort in the space has been grand, bringing new technologies to a growing ecosystem – even in the face of COVID-19. But to truly be able to change medicine, buy-in from all industry players is required. What does the integration of robotics in healthcare mean for providers? What issues can adoption of the technology solve? Which have they solved to date? Here these leaders detail the collaborative feedback process to drive meaningful innovation in healthcare robotics, and what comes next for those working in the space.


October | Value-Based Care

Healthcare payors have long been reluctant to embrace the benefits and opportunities digital health has to offer for patients, resulting in delays of the technology’s widespread use. But new digital players are disrupting the industry at a rapid pace, and in the era of COVID-19, adoption rates have skyrocketed as virtual visits see unprecedented demand. If the COVID-19 crisis did nothing else, it pushed the payor scape to keep an open mind as it relates to coverage of telehealth. The doors have since been opened for all payors to make the method available to the masses at an affordable, unbiased rate. Moving forward, what does this mean for payors, providers, and, most importantly, patients?


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