Inventor Assets


Our inventors have access to Cleveland Clinic's world class resources to advance patient-benefiting technologies. 

Inventor Toolkit

The Inventor Toolkit provides all the necessary resources and information for active and aspiring inventors to advance ideas through INVENT®, the CCI commercialization process. Launch Inventor Toolkit. (Please note: The Toolkit is only available through the Cleveland Clinic Intranet.)

Medical Device Solutions

The purpose of MDS is to enhance and create innovative medical devices from ideas originating at Cleveland Clinic as well as concepts and ideas from external sources. MDS is staffed with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who have extensive experience in medical device design and product development.



Center for Medical Arts & Photography

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Graphic Design
Design and layout of:
  • Brochures, newsletters, postcards and award certificates
  • Scientific posters 
  • PowerPoint presentations 
  • Charts and graphs from scientific data 
  • Signs, posters and banners
Medical Illustration
  • Medical drawings  Instructional artwork to convey complex technical, medical and scientific information
  • Commercial and technical illustration  Various types of drawings including cartoons to convey health information; artwork for award certificates, plaques and t-shirts
  • Animation and motion graphics  Used in multimedia projects or on the Web to illustrate action or motion
  • Consultation and art direction  Help developing a “look” for collateral materials, logos and brands, websites and smartphone apps
  • Medical images (patients, surgery, specimens)
  • Portrait, group and passport photos
  • Studio images (devices, products, food) 
  • Assignments on location, special events 
  • Video clips for education
  • Architecture (exteriors, interiors, construction)
  • Panoramic images 
  • Time-lapse photography

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