Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit

Innovation. A cornerstone at Cleveland Clinic, allowing nearly a century of world-class patient care and the inspiration for the first-of-its-kind Medical Innovation Summit. Here, clinicians, strategists, and ground-breakers join our renowned experts to discuss, disrupt and deal head-on with the issues confronting today's healthcare ecosystem. MIS2019 tackled AI, new drug discovery, non-traditional participants and personalization in healthcare, focusing on the economics of it all. And in true Cleveland Clinic fashion, never losing site of the care in healthcare. Survivors and thrivers abound from patients to partners with innovation catalyzing all change.

Don't miss the Summit that started it all.

Why Attend?

  • Connect with the methods, motivation and manpower to impact real change.
  • Strategize to streamline care and shake-up communications.
  • Discover emerging technologies and companies with actionable ideas for moving healthcare, patientcare forward.
  • Ignite an internal drive to improve operational, technological, and patient outcomes in these changing times.

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