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Why Sponsor the Medical Innovation Summit?

What We Work For 
The change needed in healthcare cannot be created single-handedly. Achieving enhanced experiences and outcomes for patients worldwide is a true joint effort, which is why 18 years ago, we created the Medical Innovation Summit. With forward-thinking, spirited partners from across the health ecosystem, we can radically advance healthcare's future. Bringing premier thought leaders to the table, the Summit provides partnership opportunities and catalyzes the creation of new methods and models of superior care delivery for patients.

How We Work Together
A diverse mix of industry, investment, and provider decision-makers, Medical Innovation Summit participants think differently about filling the voids in healthcare. They look to leverage each other's strengths to create novel solutions and emphasize meaningful collaboration. As the place for partnership at the leading edge, the Summit opens unprecedented access to this broad, powerful network. By joining these conversations at the Summit, you gain the opportunity to build strong, long-term relationships to drive healthcare change.

What Works for You?
Every organization's goals and objectives differ, and rarely are any two sponsorship strategies alike. To maximize value for all sponsors, packages are customizable. We will work with you to explore brand activation tactics to engage with your target audience. Email MIS@ccf.org to schedule a call with us so we can learn more about you, your business, and the milestones you want to meet in order to gain recognition amonth healthcare's top decision-makers.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Opportunity to co-host an enhanced webinar in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic, MIS speaking opportunity and maximum brand recognition during MIS campaign and broadcast.
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Private virtual roundtable discussion with Cleveland Clinic Leadership, event component naming rights, and further increased web presence.
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Dedicated sponsor splash page with virtual exhibit and increased digital activation through short video during MIS broadcast, and marketing email inclusion.
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Schedule assistance for virtual one-on-one meetings with MIS Speakers and ability to show ROI with conference lead retrieval.
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Company visibility in our virtual Connections Gateway with allocated virtual exhibition space and logo placement during MIS broadcast and schedule assistance for virtual one-to-one meeting with Cleveland Clinic Caregivers. 
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To customize your sponsorship package, contact: Susan Bernat | 216.312.4369 | bernats@ccf.org

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