#10 Convection-enhanced delivery of drugs


This emerging drug delivery method is being used to administer medication directly to the site where it is needed, without exposing the rest of the body to a drug's effects.
At this time, it's still too early to judge the technology's overall success. While the initial phase III trials failed to show benefit of the experimental drugs delivered via CED, other studies have shown that it is an effective drug delivery technique. Advancements in CED catheter technology and real-time imaging of drug distribution made over the past year are leading to the development of a new series of clinical trials for both brain tumors and movement disorders.

Where Are They Now

The current success of this concept is difficult to gauge as a large number of studies have been conducted with conflicting reports of efficacy. However, this delivery method has proved invaluable in the treatment of brain tumors and cancers, as the blood brain barrier blocks most standard drugs from reaching the targeted area. Development is continuing with the aim of improving the overall drug delivery process as well as the catheters needed to implement it and additional clinical trials can be expected in the future while the medical industry tries to advance this concept.

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