Simulated Synthetic Colon


Dave Leifer
Kaitlin Ritter


What is it? What does it do?

A colonoscopy is a very important and regularly conducted procedure that requires practice to develop technical skill. This device is a synthetic silicone colon that simulates a human GI tract and allows for realistic simulation of endoscopic procedures. The model realistically recreates human anatomy so trainees and physicians can practice difficult cope maneuvers and endoscopic procedures.  The model also allows for more advanced practice, such as the process of identifying and removing polyps.

Why is it better?

Existing mechanical simulators are unrealistic and do not simulate realistic tissues as well. Other training methods include VR simulators or explanted animal organ models, but these are very expensive and not readily available to all students. This synthetic colon is cheap, extremely realistic, and allows for training conditions that more closely imitate a real-life procedure.  Proprietary method for manufacturing.

What is its current status?

Functional Prototype has been created and is currently being used by CCF students and staff.

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