Vascular Arm Sleeve


Dave Leifer
Nichole Kelsey, RN, BSN


What is it? What does it do?

Vascular access procedures, including IV insertion and catheterization, are among the most commonly performed and important procedures. Despite the frequency of performance, these are technically difficult procedures that many experienced caregivers have difficulty with. This invention is a vascular training sleeve that mimics arm vasculature and can be worn over a live subject. Because the device can be integrated with an actual subject, it allows for realistic training and skill development for doctors and nurses while practicing essential skills.

Why is it better?

Vascular procedure training methods vary across institutions. Training on patients and volunteers can be painful to the subjects, and existing training simulators are unrealistic and often expensive. This invention is a cheap alternative that, because it can be worn over the arm of a live subject, allows an extremely realistic training experience.

What is its current status?

Functional prototype has been created and tested.

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