Instrument Depth Tracking for OCT-Guided Procedures


Yuankai K. Tao, PhD
Justis Ehlers, MD
Sunil Srivastava, MD


What is it? What does it do?

This system integrates with a surgical OCT system, and by utilizing that OCT data, it determines relative positions of surgical instruments and tissues of interest to enable real-time feedback for the operator. The system provides quantitative feedback for proximity and depth information to the operator about the instruments they are using relative to a given target. This proximity information could be provided to the operator in numerous formats, some of which include visual, auditory, and tactile feedback.

Why is it better?

Developments in microscope-integrated intraoperative OCT systems have enabled live cross-sectional imaging during ocular surgery. This technology would provide the operator with quantitative feedback about the relative positions of their instrument(s) to enable enhanced surgical precision and safety. There are numerous applications for this technology both in the posterior and anterior segments, including active needle depth tracking to target specific depths of the cornea, as well as instrument proximity to tissues of interest.

What is its current status?

Part of the intraoperative OCT platform being developed at Cleveland Clinic.

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