VitalScout(SM) Enhanced Early Warning System


What is it? What does it do?

VitalScoutSM is Automated Early Warning System (EWS) offering visualization of key data presented as intuitive color-coded alerts that address traditional and costly barriers to the identification and interventions for early signs of deterioration on medical/surgical units in a hospital setting. This innovative technological program embedded within the EHR to mitigate contributing factors for failure to rescue (FTR).  It combines an automated EWS with novel tools to support nurse workflow, accountability, situational awareness, communication among caregivers, critical thinking, and timely recognition and intervention for early signs of clinical deterioration. 

Why is it Better?

  • A significant decrease in patient hours spent with moderate or high risk EWS scores (p<.001).
  • Decreased time to reassessment following a moderate or high risk alert (p<.001).
  • Enhanced collaboration based on situational awareness.
  • Collation of key data to one central location for viewing and management.
  • Platform utilizes FHIR integration offering EMR agnostic technical integration.
  • Increased accountability for taking and recording vital signs in the EHR in a timely manner.

What is its current status?

Piloted at a community hospital for one year before being piloted at a large tertiary hospital. 

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