eTrak: Location Awareness for your Assets


Marc Petre, PhD
Leslie Chom
Rick Currence


What is it? What does it do?

Within a health care setting, there can be substantial investments in capital equipment distributed across a sizeable area. The compact size and portable nature of these assets, coupled with a critical role they can play in providing patient care, makes the ability to easily find these items critical to Clinicians. eTrak was built for tracking mobile medical equipment that has been tagged with Radio Frequency Identification devices, or RFID tags. eTrak leverages the investments an organization may have already made in wireless network infrastructure and healthcare assets. eTrak is built with a web application framework that provides an user interface that facilitates the presentation and interaction with a graphical content such as facility maps and object location.

Why is it better?

The simplified user interface makes this tool accessible to front-line clinicians with little or no training. Core functional components within eTrak are:

  • User Login and Management
  • Location Services
  • Device administration
  • Floor view of facilities
  • Ability to search for particular types of device
  • Reporting
  • Online help systems and documentation

What is its current status?

eTrak was launched at the Cleveland Clinic in 2010 and is currently in use enterprise wide. 

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